Chugga Chugga Two Two

If you have ever booked a session with me, then you are familiar with the process. My studio is outdoors, as I shoot strictly on location. What I love about this, is that it allows me to be creative and customize your session according to the theme or idea you have in mind for your child. Birthdays are an amazing milestone, and so so much fun to plan and put together!! So when Grayson's mommy called and said she had a train theme in mind for his 2nd Birthday shoot, I knew the perfect place!!

Downtown Olmsted Falls is such a quaint little area with a whole lotta character. Full of vintage flair , with boutique style shops and yummy restaurants. Right in the middle of this unique little town, sits this AMAZING train and a main attraction where everyone loves to get their pictures taken. I just knew that it would serve as a great backdrop for Grayson's Birthday Celebration.

I knew that with his adorable outfit, and the perfect setting that minimal props would be needed to tell the story. And I was right!

After a couple shots by the train, Grayson was in true toddler form and on the run!!! Chase Me lady ! Chase me!! ( I'm convinced that is what they all are thinking at this age!!) lol

Tired, hot and sweating, but determined to not be defeated, It was finally time for CAKE!!! Oh yes!! Mom brought only the best, Date Nut Cake!! And smash away he did! YUM!!

An Adorable smile for the camera ! I mean, total heartbreaker right here!! Im melting:)

We wrapped it up with a few more shots by the train! You Have to be quick!! This age is all about play!

Those Dimples and that smile, could this child be any cuter?? Ahhhhh

Finishing up with a Vintage Tone Black and White. Black and white images are my absolute favorite!

Till next year Grayson, can't wait to see what we come up with next!

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