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The Spider Sisters

Halloween (outside of Christmas), is my absolute favorite holiday!! It's just so much FUN, and allows you the freedom to run wild with your creativity. I knew with these two girls, I wanted to do something different, with a great location, and slightly over the top!

I had recently purchased this cool vintage couch off of fb marketplace, and I knew that I somehow wanted to incorporate this couch into the shoot.

First, was finding a costume. Since they are sisters, I wanted to find something where they would match and compliment one another . I went straight to the Borrowed Boutique, an online rental company frequently used by photographers, where you can rent high end costumes and outfits for a really reasonable price. The girls and I logged on, and began our search. We decided on these super cool , spider tutu dresses by the amazing TuTu Du Monde. Her tutus are stunning and so well made! For makeup and hair, I found these fun spider decals at Claire's, and this Victorian type hat at Michaels Stores. Channeling my inner craft rock star, I put together myself Savanna's Feather wings and Ella's spider hair clip.

FINALLY the gothic, old Hollywood vibe I had envisioned was coming together. I just needed the right location.....

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens is a stunning collection of outdoor gardens located on Cleveland's East side. I had remembered taking wedding photos a few years prior at this location, while part of my cousin's bridal party. The Hungarian garden in particular came to mind. I knew with its rod iron type gates, and stone stairwells, it would make the perfect backdrop for this spooky fun photo shoot. These two came into character even better than I imagined and requiring very little direction. lol

Old Hollywood, Vintage Throwback perfection!!

And you can't have a photoshoot, without a cocktail party of course!! Some Blood of Bat coming right up!!

And don't even THINK of messing with her sister!!!! Or ELSE

Winding down after the party, and during the clean up.... I managed to capture some moodier images, that look best converted to black and white.

Halloween 2017

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