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You've Been BOOED!!!

I wanted to share with you a super fun thing we did last night as a family!

We BOOED our neighbor!!!

If you have never heard of this crazy, cute phenomenon...…this is the post for you!

So the concept of this is pretty much a "pay it forward" type of thing. Pretty Simple. Do something nice and generous for someone, have fun, feel great, and encourage them to then do the same for someone else..... All with a Halloween twist!!! HOW FUN!

While browsing my local Target, (Starbucks in hand of course) I made my way to the Halloween section where I spotted these ADORABLE Boo Cards! Not only did they have cards, but matching bags, balloons, mason jars, goodie bags and boxes. So freakin cute! Right away I thought, what a great idea, my kids would LOVE to do this, and what a great way to spread kindness.. because you can never have too much of that!

Right away, two neighbors came to mind. Now the great thing about this is that you can literally find EVERYTHING you will need at Target. That dollar bin....(OH YA, we all know about the dollar bin and the hidden treasures and trinkets that you can find there), that was my first stop! I immediately began to browse, gathering the holiday goodies for my families. Our sweet neighbors the Kordal's were the first family on the list. Their daughter Bella just turned one, so we picked out all sorts of cute baby stuff to fill their bag. Toddler treats, a BOO sippy cup, book, adorable Halloween Shirt, and some super cute hair accessories. Not to leave the parents behind, I added some adult goodies as well. A cute infinity scarf , wine, and home décor for mom...…

And some BOO BREW for Dad!!

We assembled our bag and were ready to make the delivery!

We all hopped in the car, my husband was driving, and I gave the kids their instructions. "Now kids, this will be the ONLY time you are allowed to knock on someone's door, and run away!!! Ok??? "

"OK" they replied.

They were so excited! We snuck up on the house, only to see our family hanging out outside. Oh no, now what? My husband quickly came up with some lame excuse as to why we were doing a drive by lol, and we drove off. Went back home. And waited to strike again!

About an hour and a half later, we piled in the car to try again. We didn't want to wait until too late for fear of waking Miss Bella. This time, there was no sign of our family, and it was time to strike.

The kids piled out and crept up to the door.




With my husband and I laughing hysterically, the kids piled in and we drove off!!!


This was SOOO much fun!! If Halloween is your thing, head to your local Target, pick up your BOO Kit and Spread some Holiday cheer!


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