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Welcome To My New Website!

Hello!! Welcome to Ellagrace Photography!

I am excited to finally launch this new website and share my story with you! I would like to begin with the history of how my passion came to be.

I have always loved pictures! As a mom to 5 amazing kids, pictures have always been a huge staple in my life. From the way back days of the throw away cameras. Remember those?? My oldest child is 21, and like all new moms, for every little milestone, there was me running to the mall to get this child's picture taken! Haha. So of course with that, then came my love for scrapbooking. This was my first child remember? Any of you moms with multiple children know, with the first one you make ALL the books! I would stay up late into the evening crafting these photo albums for all my little ones... Flash forward some years, and here we are....the cell phone era. The days of throw away cameras, and running to your local drug store to get them developed are now behind us. Sure, the instant gratification of seeing that photo on your phone, then retaking until you get it perfect has its perks. However, where are all my pictures? I began to notice, all those memories, and special moments were trapped in my phone! Hurry, share them on social media, then what?? I stopped printing my pictures. So I bought my first digital camera, taught myself everything I needed to know, and it was the best decision, and one of the best purchases I ever made!

I am back to printing my photos, and preserving those for my kids to look back on. And that is what I want for all of you! If you come to my home, you will see my own walls covered in canvases and framed prints of my family. And my children love it!!

I have an old fashioned, old school way about me.( I can't help it. ) Although I realize we also live in a digital era, and I must embrace technology as well. When I created my business Ellagrace, I did so with this in mind. With my portrait packages you receive the best of both worlds, digital images as well as boutique prints. The thought of your memories stuck on a usb drive,or a cell phone... well we just can't let that happen!

So lets get together! Contact me and book an appointment!

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